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FEELWORLD W1000H Video Transmission System Dual HDMI Full Duplex Intercom Live Streaming




  Dual HDMI ports
1000ft(LOS)transmission distance
Up to 1080P60Hz
Wireless full-duplex intercom
One TX to multiple RX
Support APP monitoring 
13 frequency channels, AUTO channel scan.






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hdmi transmission system

long distance transmission system


All-in-one Wireless Video Transmission System
Brings Video Transmission to the next level
FEELWORLD W1000H TX/RX set is a real-time wireless video transmission system integrated with intercom and live streaming. With 8Mbps high data rate, dual HDMI ports and other features built for professional filmmaking, the W1000H empowering filmmakers, crews, and content creators everywhere.

intercom transmission system


Full Duplex Wireless Communication
Meet the real-time intercom between the director and the photographer
The one of highlights for W1000H its full duplex intercom, just connect to headphone, enable communication between the director and the photographer, save your time and costs to set an extra intercom system.

wireless transmission system


Direct Video for Live Stream
Supports static IP and route IP
With the Type-C to Ethernet adapter accessory, video feed straight out of RX (the receiver) will be used for live streaming on OBS, VLC on our personal computer without further encryption and decryption via a video capture device.

Note: The Type-C to Ethernet adapter is optional

live streaming transmission system


Compact and Lightweight
The W1000H is compact, lightweight, and small enough to mount anywhere. Both at the bottom of transmitter and receiver come with a single ¼”-20 mounting point for mounting camera arms, cold shoes, etc.

compact transmission system


1000FT Transmission Range with 0.08S Low Latency
The W1000H has more than 1000ft hassle-free and reliable range for wireless video and audio transmission; 0.08S achievable latency for real-time monitoring that enables.

low latency transmission system


Dual HDMI Ports, Connect More Device
The transmitter with HDMI input and output, can output video a small monitor on the camera, allow the cameraman to clearly see the shots. The receiver with two HDMI outputs, which support simultaneous output the video.

dual hdmi transmission system


One Device Dual Uses
More flexible and costs-effective
The transmitter can be flexible switched as a receiver, if you purchase two sets W1000H, you can setup 1 Transmitter, 3 receiver.

feelworld hdmi transmitter system


Innovation OLED Screen Design
Reading status and control system easily
The W1000H has a creative OLED screen so you can check out all device status and control the system with displayed information on the screen.

oled display transmission system


1080P HD Image Quality
The resolution supports 1080P60,1080i60 and under 1080P60 format, provide a higher quality image.

hdmi video transmission system


One Transmitter to Multiple Receivers
Monitoring for everyone on set
More than one device can “join the party”. W1000H allows you have up to four receivers bound to one transmitter that efficient your crew monitor every shot as it happens.

multiple receiving transmission system


13 Frequency Channels, AUTO Scan
Make the shooting screen more stable
There are 13 frequency channels. Automatically scan the current environment to find out available channels and avoid the channels with interference.

auto channel transmission system


Scene Modes, Switch Freely
Each channel can choose image quality priority or latency priority, switch freely as needed to help you easily cope with different occasions.

full hd transmission system


Built-in Fan, Effective Cooling
The excellent cooling design enable the device working long time in hot environment as well.

coller transmission system


Real-Time APP Monitoring
Support Android/iOS system
Supports both Android and IOS system APP monitoring, up to 4 phones or tablets real-time monitoring with professional monitor features, such as monochrome, false color and center mark(other features are under development).

app transmission system
IOS users can search “ feelworld” on APP store to get APP (name: MMonitor)

ios app transmission


Android APP (name: Feelworld Wireless ) can be get from the following ways: .
1. search “feelworld wireless”in GOOGLE PLAY
2. on the "Download" section of the W1000H details page
3. scan the QR code


android app download


Multiple Power Options
Long-lasting power for your shooting
The W1000H is equipped with Sony F970 battery plate to be powered by standard F970 battery, Type-C ( 5V/1.5A ) charging and 6-16V DC power options.

Note: Due to the actual output of some batteries will be greater than 16V, which may burn the machine. Please ensure that the actual output voltage of the battery used is less than 16V.

multiple power transmission system


Wide Range Application
The W1000H is widely used in the areas of filmmaking, sports events, wedding live broadcast, church live streaming, corporate events etc.
wide application transmission system





Key Features:

* Dual HDMI signal interface, connect more devices
* More than 1000ft transmission range with 0.08S ultra-low latency
* Up to 1080P@60Hz, provide high quality image
* Wireless full-duplex talkback, real-time intercom between the director  and the photographer
* With type-C to Ethernet adapter accessory, achieve live streaming
* The transmitter can be switched as a receiver at will
* One TX to multiple RX, monitoring for everyone on set
* Real-time APP monitoring for Android/iOS system
* 13 frequency channels, AUTO channel scan


 Screen  OLED

 1 * HDMI input

 1* HDMI output

 2 *Antenna port (RP-SMA Male)

 DC power input

 3.5mm headphone jack


 Power Supply Way/Voltage

 F970 battery

 Type-C: 5V/1.5A

 DC adapter: 6-16V/1.5A

 Power Consumption  <7.5W
 HDMI Format

 480P60, 576P60




 HDMI Type A

 Frequency  5.1-5.9GHz
 Modulation Mode  OFDM
 Transmission Power  Maximum 17dBm
 Band Width  20MHZ
 Occupied Bandwidth  20/40MHz
 Latency  Min 0.08S
 Intercom Frequency Response Range  20Hz~20KHz
 Operating Temperature  0℃ ~ 40℃
 Storage Temperature  -20℃ ~ 60℃
 Unit Size(mm)  67L*24W*118H (excluding antenna)
 Unit Weight  128g


 Screen  OLED

 2* HDMI output

 2 *Antenna port (RP-SMA Male)

 DC power input

 3.5mm headphone jack


 Power Supply Way/Voltage

 F970 battery

 Type-C: 5V/1.5A

 DC adapter: 6-16V/1.5A

 Power Consumption  <6.5W
 HDMI Format  480P60, 576P60




 HDMI Type A

 Frequency  5.1-5.9GHz
 Modulation Mode  OFDM
 Receiving Sensitivity  -87dBm
 Band Width  20MHZ
 Occupied Bandwidth  20/40MHz
 Latency  Min 0.08S
 Intercom Frequency Response Range  20Hz~20KHz
 Operating Temperature  0℃ ~ 40℃
 Storage Temperature  -20℃ ~ 60℃
 Unit Size(mm)  67L*24W*118H (excluding antenna)
 Unit Weight  128g


Packaging Information
 Size of Color Box  252L*173W*50H (mm)
 Outer Carton QTY  10PCS
 Size of Outer Carton  305x255x420mm
 Gross Weight  







Packaging List:
1× Receiver
5× Antenna
1× Cold Shoe
1× Type-C to USB
1× User Manual
Color Box