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FEELWORLD WV207 USB Streaming Webcam Full HD 1080P




USB2.0 Plug and Play
2.07M Effective Pixels
Up to 1080p@30fps













usb streaming webcam

full hd webcam


Bring Your Story Into Focus
Vertical Screen Live Streaming, HD Full-screen Stereoscopic Presentation
FEELWORLD WV207 is design for vertical screen live streaming, and can be vertically screened without side mounting. Streams in full HD 1920x1080 resolution at 30fps, adopts high-quality image sensor, with 2.07 million effective pixels, presenting smooth and clear video image. Plug and play, compact and portable, easily deal with various vertical screen live broadcasts.

vertical screen wencam


USB2.0 Simply Plug and Play
Supports UVC standard protocol, compatible with popular operating systems. Simply connect WV207 to the computer or your laptop through USB, and you’re good to go! With no need for device drivers.

usb hd webcam


Horizontal or Vertical Screen, Select Freely
WV207 can be vertical screen without side mounting, and you can also side mounting for horizontal screen effect.

vertical horizental camera


Distortion-less Lens
Supports distortion-less lens, make sure that the video picture is not distorted in different scenes, and the presenting effect is more realistic.


distortion less lens camera


85° Wide Viewing Angle
The webcam comes with 85° wide viewing angle, easily capture and share your more creative space with audience.

wide viewing camera


Compatible with Popular Live Streaming Software
The WV207 is compatible with your favorite streaming software like OBS, effortlessly streams to Instagram, Tik tok, Facebook and other platform.

multiple platform streaming webcam


Multiple Video Adjustment, Make Live Streaming Handy
Online Adjustable brightness, Definition, Saturation, Contrast, White Balance and more parameters , let you face the audience with the best attitude.

Note: For the first time use, please adjust the camera settings according to your own needs to get the best image, the parameters that can be adjusted on different platforms may be different.

multiple video webcam


Built-in Audio Pickup
The webcam built-in audio pickup, easy to capture clear and natural stereo audio, no need for external pickup equipment.

dual mic webcam


EPTZ, Easily Lock the Viewfinder screen
Via third-party application progress (e.g. MrCamera, ECOM), WV207 supports EPTZ (virtual PTZ), you can manually control the "pan-zoom" range of the camera according to the needs, easily lock the viewfinder screen, and improve the video experience.

eptz streaming camera


Works as Well of Video Conferencing
Install the camera in a different way, WV207 can also support video conferencing to meet more needs.

video meeting webcam


Multiple Mounting Options
The WV207 with fix clamp which enable it to be installed on LCD screen, the top of laptop; or via 1/4 thread to install on the tripod , you can also put it directly on desk.

multiple mounting camera


Wide Application

wide application webcam

*High quality sensor,resolution is up to 1920x1080 with frame rate up to 30fps.
* USB2.0 easy plug and play, power and upgrade support
* Multiple video encoding H.264、H.265、MJPG、YUY2, making video playback smoother
* Vertical or horizontal screen, select freely
* Built-in audio pickup, clear and natural stereo sound effect, no need for external pickup equipment
* 85°viewing angle without distortion lens.
* Multiple mounting options


Camera Parameters
 Model  WV207
 Sensor  high quality CMOS sensor
 Effective Pixels  2.07 megapixel, 16:9
 Video Format  1080x1920@30fps/25fps;1920x1080@30fps/25fps;1600x896@30fps/25fps;720x1280@30fps/25fps;1280x720@fps@30fps/25fps;1024x576@30fps/25fps;960x540@30fps/25fps and more video format
 View Angle  92°(D)/52°(H)/85°(V);
 Focus Length  3.24mm
 Digital Zoom  3X
 Minimum Illumination  0.5Lux(F1.8, AGC ON)
 Focus  Manual
 AF  Fixed
 Backlight Contrast  On/Off
 Exposure  Exposure parameters can be adjusted, support auto exposure
 Video Adjustment  Brightness, Definition, Saturation, Contrast, White Balance Mode, Gain, Anti-flicker, Low brightness compensation, etc.
 SNR  >50dB


Input/output Interface
 Video Output  USB2.0 (support power supply and upgrade)
 Video Compression Format  MJPG, YUY2, H.264, H.265
 Audio Input  Built-in high sensitive audio pickup
 USB Communication Protocol  UVC, UAC
 PTZ Control  Supports EPTZ


Other Parameters
 Input Voltage  5V
 Power Current  500mA(Max.)
 Power Consumption  2.5W(Max.)
 Stored Temperature  -10℃~+60℃
 Storage Humidity  20%~90%
 Working Temperature  -10℃~+50℃
 Working Humidity  20%~80%
 Dimension (W*H*D)  102mm×47mm×30mm
 Unit Weight  0.15kg
 Outer Carton QTY  40pcs
 Outer Carton Size  460x360x390mm
 Gross Weight  11.6kgs


Structure Dimensions (Unit: mm)
Pack List:
 Streaming Webcam
1× Manual


Packaging Picture