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FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1/L1V1 Video Switcher Firmware Update V2.01

Author: CopyFrom: DateTime:2021-11-13
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/LIVEPRO L1upgrade

We are so excited to share with you that the firmware of FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L/L1 V1 upgrade to version 2.01 in chroma key feature.

Download and Installation (Windows & MAC system)

Please click the correct link for your system to download and install. For Windows, if you download it on C disk, please right click the mouse and choose " Run as administrator" to install.


Steps for Upgrade:

1. Prepare tool: XTOOL V1.0.1.15 and upgrade cable


2. Upgrade Method: LAN port upgrade

2.1 Turn on the power of LIVEPRO L1, then use LAN cable to connect device and PC.

2.2 The default IP is, so make sure the PC and device are in the same IP segment, which means the IP of PC must be 192.168.0.XXX (but must not be completely same as the device).

2.2.1 Windows sytem IP setting.  As the picture show to check if your PC in the same IP segment.



2.2.2 MAC system setting

Choose "Open Network Preferences"


Click "USB 10/100 LAN", choose " Manual" for configuring. Set IP address and router IP  in the same IP segment , then click "Apply".


2.3 Open the upgrade tool XTOOL, click Connection

2.4 Choose Net Comm in pop up window and set IP address the same to the switcher, then click Confirm.

2.5 Upgrade Program

After communication setting is done, the status light in bottom left turns green. Click Upgrade and Confirm, the software will automatically upgrade the firmware.

2.5.1 After upgrade is done, there will pop up a window showing “New Version Upgraded” then users need to reboot the device to let the new version take effect.