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FEELWORLD FM8 Universal Compact Video Microphone with Shock Mount, Wind Shield and 3.5mm Conversion Cable Microphone for Smartphones, DSLR Camera, Vlogging, Recording Music, Live Streaming




No Battery Required, Plug and Play Design
Highly Directional Cardioid Microphone
HD Sound Quality, Intelligent Noise Reduction
Convenient, small and Exquisite
Good Shockproof and Stability
Smart Compatible with Multiple Devices



3.5mm Audio Jack


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phone microphone


No Battery Required, Plug and Play Design
The FM8 adopts a plug-and-play design, no battery required. And only need to connect with mobile phones or DSLR cameras and other devices to use.

telephone microphone


Highly Directional Cardioid Microphone
The FM8 is a cardioid microphone, which specially design to improve the sound quality of videos on the basis of build-in microphones. The cardioid target is strong, which can quickly and accurately record the sound, and can effectively reduce the interference noise on both sides. No matter in outdoor interview or indoor live broadcast, the voice is also crisp, mellow and infectious.

iphone universal mic


Intelligent Noise Reduction
Highly sensitive microphone core, effectively shielding ambient sound and echo, reducing unnecessary noise included in the recording process, making the human voice more clear and clean. Also included a furry wind shield and a wind shield, which specially used for minimizing the wind and environmental noise for outdoor recording , make sure the sound crystal clear.


Convenient, small and Exquisite
The FM8 microphone is made of aluminum alloy metal, which is not only resistant to drops and scratches, but also has a good shockproof effect to prevent noise from shooting vibrations. Moreover, the FM8 has a compact structure, exquisite and compact, easy to carry and does not take up space, and will not add any burden to your shooting.


Good Shockproof and Stability
The equipped anti-shock mount can effectively fix the microphone body and avoid the noise caused by vibration.


Smart Compatible with Multiple Devices
Compatible with cameras, camcorders, smartphones, tablets, computers, audio recorders, mixers and other audio/video recording devices.
When the Mic works with an iPhone phone with Lightning Audio input, you need to connect with the original Lightning audio adapter cable.
For the Android system smartphone, the Mic works well in Audio Mode; While in Video mode, please try to use the video APP from the 3rd party if you find your smartphone doesn’t work.


Product Parameters


The 3.5mm TRS cable is common to most devices (such as cameras, camcorders, video recorders, etc.).
3.5mm TRRS cable is used to connect devices such as mobile phones or computers.


Perfect for The On-the-go Vlogger
FM8 adopts plug and play design, no need to worry about battery status. comes out in compact size and lightweight, it will not be a burden while shooting, so it can be used with mobile phone at any time. It gives you high-quality audio, and together with other devices, provides an easy, flexible and stable video setup.


Use with Camera, PC and Other Devices
FM8 also can be installed directly on cameras, camcorders, or other fixed bracket, or can also be used with pc and other devices, supporting a variety of installation methods, can be used anywhere in live broadcast, interviews, selfies, etc.


Application of All Kinds of Scenes
The sound makes the picture more profound. Install microphone on smartphone, camera or camcorders can achieve natural sound and excellent clarity.


The 3.5mm TRS cable is common to most devices (such as cameras, camcorders, video recorders, etc.).
3.5mm TRRS cable is used to connect devices such as mobile phones or computers.