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FEELWORLD 7" Capacitive Touch Portable Monitor USB Powered DP701CT




Screen Size: 7"
Resolution:  800x480 pixels
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Brightness:  250cd/m²			















Only One Cable is Needed!
FEELWORLD DP701CT, capacitive touch USB 7-inch display just got more user-friendly and fun to use. It is designed by hard workers, meaning you get the faster, more brilliant, and streamlined display system possible in 7 inches of screen real estate. The DP701CT 7-inch display is the Ideal workspace companion for infinitely many applications. Whether you need a powerful monitor for commercial, industrial, or personal use, we've got you covered with this fantastic 7-inch model.



The DP701CT uses a 7-inch widescreen design and 800 X 480 resolution to display images clearly. With built-in DisplayLink technology, it converts power, touch and display functionality over a single USB connection. Users do not need to carry special adapters and video cables, helping to reduce clutter and maximize convenience to you, the user.

7-inch Capacitive touch LCD display
Support 10 point touch
Ultra-portable form factor
Power, touch and display over single USB connection
Compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Linux, Android system
VESA 75 mm rear mount
Easy integration for business, residential, and industrial environments



Multi-point Capacitive Touch Panel
Support 10 point touch
DP701CT supports 10 point capacitive touch, plus clean, minimalistic design, powerful features and user-friendliness, designed to make work, life, entertainment, business and other applications more convenient and easier to use.
The monitor's touchscreen function is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10. It can also run at linux, Android and any other devices.



Dual Screen Display is Better
Improve work efficiency
Are you looking for a high-resolution, smaller display to remain productive in a tight workspace? Are you looking for an intuitive and easy-to-use display for simple multitasking, using social media, and staying in touch with friends, family, and work colleagues? Or, are you looking for a way to enhance your customer interactions with employees in a retail-based environment?
Using DP701CT these problems can be handled very well. Connect to a computer via the USB port for use as a secondary monitor. Solve the inconvenience caused by the repeated switching of the main screen window when the host's multiple software work at the same time. With the USB secondary display, you can handle all kinds of transactions more smoothly and improve your productivity.

  • external-monitor-portable

  • Duplicate
    Copy the primary monitor's picture, when requiring more picture, it can easily handle.

  • portable-monitor-usb-powered

  • Extend
    It can expand the primary monitor's picture, enlarge display area, conveniently cope with multitasking.

  • usb-monitor-touch-screen

  • Primary Monitor
    Can set the USB monitor as the primary monitor, deal with all special needs.
    * The original primary monitor will be closed.



Multi-screen "see more, do more, share more"
One PC can connect 6 USB monitors at the same time
The DP701CT offers a great deal of flexibility with USB power and video transmission in most scenarios. The DP701CT can be connected to desktop computers to significantly increase work efficiency and is designed to complement an array of operating environments (POS, retail, consumer, industrial, manufacturing, hospitality, conferences, etc.); Connected to a laptop, is a good partner for designers and need secondary display, helping you easily grasp and check the composition at any time, improving productivity and simplicity.



Innovative USB-only Connection
Increase screen and not limited by power supply
The DP701CT's power, touch, and display signals are delivered to the monitor through a single proprietary connection utilizes only one cable, so you don't have to worry about no dedicated adapters and video cables. It makes for a reliable and easy-to-use display device wherever you go. At the same time, applications in hospitality, POS, retail, and consumer environments are also good choices.



VESA 75 mm Rear Mount
Easy mounting solution
The DP701CT has VESA 75 mm standard mounting holes (FPMPMI) on the back and can be mounted on commercial facilities, wall mounting brackets, telescopic boom, plus the responsiveness of multi-point capacitive touch, 7" VESA USB display is well-suited for retail, consumer, industrial, manufacturing, or hospitality markets.



Standard Bracket
The portable bracket that helps adjust the monitor's angle (360 degrees horizontal, 90 degrees vertical) and is ideal for use on the desktop.






Display Spec.
 Model  DP701CT
 Touch Screen  10-points Capacitive Touch
 Touch Interface  USB
 Screen Size  7"
 Resolution  800×480 pixels
 Aspect Ratio  16:9
 Brightness  250cd/m²
 Contrast Ratio  500:1
 Backlight  LED
 Viewing Angle  L/R=140°, U/D=120°
 Input Voltage  USB (DC5V)
 Power Consumption  2.5~3.0W
 Working Temperature  -20℃~60℃
 Storage Temperature  -30°C~70°C
 Unit Size  190L×128H×23.5D (mm) 
 Unit Weight  397g 
Operating Systems Support
Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit)
Windows 8.1 (32 & 64 bit)
Mac 10.5  Leopart
Win 10
Windows 8.1XP (32bit) (without touch screen)
Manericks 10.9 Mountain Lion 10.8 (without touch screen)
Mac Lion 10.7 10.6Tiger 10.4 (without touch screen)
Extension Display
News Reader
Digital Picture Frame
Game Player

Standard Accessories:
1× USB Cable
1× Operation Manual