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7" 1024x600 HD Screen FPV Monitor with Single 5.8G 32CH Receiver FPV758




Screen Size:  7" IPS
Resolution:   1024x600 pixels
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Brightness:   600cd/m²


HDMI, Video, Audio, RF


Video, Stereo Headphone, Speaker(built-in)




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  • Combining analog and digital signal inputs, the FEELWORLD FPV758 7" Wireless LCD Monitor is suitable for use as a first-person viewing (FPV) device for use with the wireless feed from optional RC aircraft mounted cameras (Aerial Imaging Platforms). It features a 7" screen with 1024 x 600 resolution, which allows you to view either SD or HD video with minimal scaling or windowing providing a large image no matter what the resolution of your video. It supports 32 channels across 4 wireless bands and incorporates a built-in 5.8 GHz receiver, which is compatible with optional DJI transmitters, as well as other optional 5.8 GHz transmitters. The monitor takes an RF signal via a single antenna, and as it is an analog signal, the monitor allows the image to degrade but remain visible as the signal fades, instead of displaying a blue or black screen as most digital monitors will once the signal falls below a certain threshold. It also accepts a composite signal, which features a loop through output, and an HDMI input. The monitor is powered by optional Sony L Series type batteries, via the built-in L type battery plate. You can also use it with an optional DC power adapter if you want to use it from an DC power outlet. A removable plastic sun hood provides protection from the glare and direct exposure of the screen to sunlight.
  • Perfect Display for FPV
    · Portable 7" HD LCD Screen
    · High Brightness: 600cd/m² Sunlight readable
    · High Resolution: 1024X600
    · No Blue Screen
  • Multiple Inputs and Outputs
    HDMI, Audio, Video, RF inputs; Video, 3.5mm Earphone Jack output, DC in and with USB for upgrade
  • Dual Power Supply System
    The FPV758 can be powered in two ways:with an DC adapter or two lithium batteries. The two methods of power can also be used simultaneously so you can charge your batteries while using your monitor. Lithium batteries are commonly used (Sony F/FM/QM Series) and are easy to find and replace.
  • 5.8GHz Wireless AV Receiver
    · Built-in AV receiver support PAL / NTSC
    · Simulation of composite video AV inputs, aerial camera connection
    · 5.8Ghz frequency 4 Bands and total 32 channels
    · Snow screen, no more "blue" screen
Wireless Receiver 32 Channel (Mhz)
  • Collapsable Sunshade
    New generation super deep sunhood allows you get ideal view effect in almost all the environment.


1. IPS panel, high brightness 600cd/m²
2. High sensitivity diversity receivers for the best possible reception
3. FPV aerial dedicated input port, high Definition
4. High brightness, contrast ratio sunshade cover, can see clearly under sunlight
5. No Blue Screen under weak signal
6. Multiple color format support,manually enter the menu to select the appropriate standard, stronger adaptability
7. Analog composite video AV input, connect FPV aerial camera
8. 16:9 screen radio, switch 16:9/4:3 display mode freely
9. Connect with camera, as a monitor or aerial monitor
10. Multiple installation ways,convenient for different angles to view


Display Spec.
 Model  FPV758
 Screen Size  7" IPS
 Resolution  1024×600 pixels
 Pixe Pitch  0.05(H)×0.15 (V) mm
 Aspect Ratio  16:9
 Brightness  600cd/m²
 Contrast Ratio  800:1
 Backlight  LED
 Viewing Angle  85°/85°(L/R) 85°/85°(U/D)
 1 X RCA  Video
 1 X RCA  Audio
 1 X RF  RF
 1 X RCA  Video
 Audio Out  Stereo Headphone, Speaker
HDMI Support Format
480i /480p /576i /576p 
720p /1080i /1080p (50/60Hz)
Video Support Format
PAL-4.43; NTSC-3.58
 Input Voltage  DC6~24V
 Power Consumption  ≤8W
 Working Temperature  -20°C~50°C
 Storage Temperature  -30°C~65°C
 Install Way  1/4"-20 Thread mounting socket
 Unit Size  189L×134H×26D (mm)/ 189L×134H×32D (mm) (W/ battery plate)
 Unit Weight  450g
Professional FPV Monitor
Wireless video leisure goods
DVD/DVB AV wireless transfer
Engineering construction monitor
Wireless camera security system
Wireless video medical apparatus
Wireless visual reversing camera transmission
Standard Accessories:
1× HDMI Cable
1× Sunshade
1× Wireless Antenna
1× F970 Battery Plate
1× Operation Manual